Blue Wave Coalition

Miami Dade

Dedicated to increasing Democratic voter turnout

Welcome to Blue Wave Coalition of Miami Dade.

We’re thrilled you’re here! We are experienced, local and focused on increasing Democratic voter turnout. You are serious about your commitment and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to win an election. Let’s get to work!


Our activities are coming soon and will be listed on
Meanwhile, we are providing information on important national races, especially battleground and flippable races.

Strategy for 2024

Our goal is always to increase Democratic voter turnout by making it easier to vote in an informed way, so we elect more Democrats to office on a local, state and national level.
Each election cycle brings a new priority based on the Florida Legislature’s continuing attack on access to voting and where the biggest opportunities are. Government is making it more difficult to vote, not easier.

Our focus for this cycle:

  •  Signing up nonrenewed Vote by Mail Democrats
  • Getting 3 petitions signed:
    • Freedom for Floridians to make medical decisions without gov’t interference
    • Clean Waters
    • Daniella Levine Cava for a second term

What we're working on right now

Welcome Democrats


We welcome new Democrats through targeted postcards that welcome them and invite them to sign up for VBM, sign the three petitions and work with us.

Vote by mail


We ask our Groups and Individuals to adopt their local precincts or districts and then we supply monthly lists of these nonrenewed VBM voters by precinct, as well as kits in a bag that include everything they need to do this by canvassing or attending an event.



During the summer months, the precinct adopter will text and call the nonrenewed VBM voters

Fall & Winter Months


As weather cools we’ll start door to door canvassing of these voters to sign them up for VBM and to sign the 3 petitions

2024 plans

  • In January, we will target races and candidates and join or create canvasses to support them.

  • We will focus on voter turnout for the presidential primary, including assisting with polling locations issues on Primaries and the General Election (VBM, early voting and Election Day)

Our two biggest projects happen closer to Election Day

Mailing recommended candidate slates to our voters so they can be informed regarding all races, including down ballot races and judges.

Getting out the vote as soon as early voting starts, by connecting with voters who have not yet voted up until Election Day itself to motivate them to vote and to help in any way we can.

After the Election

We have an ardent team of ballot curers who follow up on any invalid ballots and do what it takes to get these ballots counted before the deadline, usually several days after the election. This involves getting the proper affidavits signed and delivered to the Elections Department. Sometimes this is accomplished electronically, but sometimes it requires driving to the voter’s home to get the form signed and then delivering to the Elections Department. If you would like to join in this vital effort, please email us at


Our projected costs for the year is $50,000, all of which we must raise from donors who are committed to getting Democrats elected and improving the quality of life for ALL Floridians. We do not have any employees, and all of our field work is volunteer, so every dollar you donate will be put toward producing our events and creating and distributing all of the printed materials for our canvasses and mailings.


Door Hangers



Candidate Slates


Text Voters

Our Goals

77 %

Increase Democratic Voter Turnout


Canvass & Literature Drops

$ 0 +

Raise Funds

Our Mission

The Blue Wave Coalition of Miami-Dade is dedicated to increasing Democratic voter engagement and turnout by partnering with local groups who adopt one or more precincts and execute our BWCMD Strategic plan and providing our partners with materials and resources to ensure the election of Democrats at every level to create a better future for all Americans.

Elections & Recommendations

In our Blue Wave Coalition Miami Dade Elections section, you’ll find everything you need to be election ready in Miami Dade County for the Florida Primary and General Election. We will offer a complete slate of recommendations for the General Election, soon after the Primary has taken place and the ballot is set. 

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