Blue Wave Coalition of Miami-Dade County

The BWCMD podcast is here!

From Robert Hubbell’s newsletter!

Every time I start to worry about 2022, I am buoyed by the efforts of readers who are in the trenches fighting for victory. Today, I interviewed founders Julie Becker and Kate Friedman of Blue Wave Coalition Miami Dade. As the name suggests, the organization is laser-focused on registering and encouraging Democrats to vote in Miami Dade County in Florida. For a small organization, it is incredibly sophisticated and targeted in its approach. The podcast is here: Blue Wave Coalition Miami Dade | Today’s Edition Podcast with Robert Hubbell.

For example, BWCMD is reaching out to “inconsistent” voters in specific precincts that can make a difference in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election. BWCMD sends a “welcome” letter to every new Democrat registered in the county. It follows up with every Democrat who switches to Republican party affiliation to ensure that the voter’s party affiliation has not been “hijacked” by GOP operatives. (Yes, sadly, that is a “thing” in Florida.) BWCMD contacts every registered Democrat in targeted precincts not signed up for vote-by-mail and offers instructions on how to do so. (Help them by donating here: Donate – Blue Wave Coalition Miami Dade.)

There is a lot more, but you get the picture. And Blue Wave Coalition Miami Dade is run by two readers who, like you, first came to political activism after Trump’s victory in 2016. Julie and Kate run an efficient, lean organization that contacts tens of thousands of voters in an important county in a swing state. Multiply their efforts by thousands of other grassroots organizations that did not exist in 2016, and you can get a sense of the “ground game” that Democrats are mounting in 2022 and 2024.

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